Horsham Geological Field Club



Wed. Apr. 11"Lapis lazuli" - Chris Duffin, Scientific Associate, Natural History Museum

Wed. May 9AGM

Wed. June 13"Dinosaur diversity and extinction" - Dr Paul Upchurch, Dept of Earth Sciences, University College London

Wed. July 11"Microshark Fossils in the Chalk" - Dr Charlie Underwood, UCL Birkbeck Institute of Earth and Planetary Sciences (to be confirmed)

Wed. Sept. 12[Subject to be confirmed] - John Lonergan, West Sussex Geological Society

Wed. Oct. 10[Subject to be confirmed] - Dr.Chiara Petrone, Dept of Earth Sciences, Natural History Museum

Wed. Nov. 14[Subject to be confirmed] - Prof.Chris Jackson, Dept of Earth Sciences and Engineering, Imperial College London