Horsham Geological Field Club



Feb 9 "Coccolithophores" - Jeremy Young, University College London

Mar 9 "A brief history of life in 10 fossils" - Paul Taylor, Natural History Museum

Apr 6 "High Speed 1: aligning geology, construction, low carbon economy and performance" - Nick O'Riordan, Ground Engineering Manager for HS1

May 11 Annual General Meeting

Jun 8 Watch this space - to be arranged!

Jul 13 "Exploring the Geology of Chichester Harbour" - David Bone, West Sussex Geological Society

Sep 14 "Slow-slip plate tectonics: New Zealand" - Rebecca Bell, Imperial College, London

Oct12 "Solnhofen" - Chris Duffin, Natural History Museum

Nov 9 "Exceptionally preserved arthropods and their role in understanding arthropod evolution" - Greg Edgecombe, Natural History Museum